A discussion on food and faith with Pauline Manilla

Food blogger, Pauline Manilla shared her take on flavour, healthy eating and faith.

Wife, mother and writer of silverlinings; gives an insight into her experiments with food, through recipes and the importance of eating and living healthy.

Based in London but grew up in Jos in Nigeria, Pauline’s early experience of cooking was from watching her Mum,  preparing Queen cakes, Accra (Bean cakes) and at school.

‘I think I’m big on flavour.’ Pauline says ‘I like seeing something in the shop and experimenting with it.”

One of many delicious recipes on silverlinings

The inspiration behind her blog silver linings comes from the saying: every cloud has a silver lining. ‘I like cooking and writing it’s a way of expressing myself.’

Pauline expresses the importance of eating healthier, knowing where food comes from and how to nourish our bodies.

‘Health is a whole combination of things, your mind, body, in your spirit, it depends on what you feed on.  We need to understand our bodies by knowing our creator. Making sure our health is optimum.’

Our conversation on Starr Radio UK discussed the topic of having a relationship with God. Looking at how people in the Bible consumed food. In relation to nutrition.

‘It’s part of his plan for us to be physically nourished, to eat well, have a balance and to be thankful for our food.’ She says.

She shares how her faith has helped her in hard times. “I have been married for more than seven years. We just had a baby boy last year; it was a struggle emotionally. When you want to conceive. There is a place I go to and it’s God – knowing he is my source.”

Pauline says she wants to encourage people going through hard times; ‘God is saying ‘I want to build you up.  He is taking you through a process. He is building you up so you can do more things.”

Going back to her blog silver linings, she is passionate about how food is sourced.‘It’s important to do your research, looking into the information out there. Some things might not be local to you.’

Pauline believes healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard. It can be simple; making small changes to your diet and to your environment.

‘encouraging people to eat healthy, live healthy and think carefully about the decisions you make in life, it can make or break you in different ways.’


You can watch and listen to the interview here

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