Aduana Coach Explains Tactics

Yussif Abubakar

Aduana Stars Coach, Yussif Abubakar has lauded the effort of his team after tactically subduing Kotoko to win Sunday’s Super Cup 1-0 at the Len Clay Stadium, Obuasi.

The coach spoke to the media shortly after the game, explaining that, he was tactically superior. “It was a high-tension match. We lost against Kotoko in the G-8 tournament. We watched them and realised that, they stick to a certain formation. We had to strategise and change certain things,” said Yussif Abubakar. The Aduana Stars coach had more tactical information to share.

“It was very tactical. Everybody was cautious – the most important thing [was] to make sure they won’t possess for a certain time. Then we stuck to our old formation. They always have their triangle in the middle, and if you are able to neutralise those triangles, then you make a headway” he added.

The visibly elated coach continued his tactical expositions. “The other person who picked the other midfielder of Kotoko wasn’t a typical midfielder but we had to give him additional work, to neutralise the defensive midfielder [Jackson Owusu] so that, the other two midfielders will take Jordan and Sylla. When that one [was] done, we opened on to the flanks. The boys did well. They stuck to the formation and they were able to get it.”


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