[Audio]: “I Come For A Rematch”- Bukom Banku

Braimah Kamoko aka Bukom Banku

Braimah Kamoko, otherwise known as Bukom Banku says he will go and train for a rematch against Bastie Samir, the boxer who ended his undefeated record on Saturday.

Speaking on Kasapa FM on Monday, Braimah Kamoko said it was a mistake and a misunderstanding that led to his defeat.

“I was leading in the first two rounds, and in the third round I went down from a right punch so he dominated. Then in the fourth, fifth and sixth, round I was on top of the game. The cut I got in the seventh round should not have caused the referee to stop the fight”, he told the show host.

“It’s the cut that shows that it is a big fight, I don’t understand why the referee stopped the fight, I don’t understand at all”, he added in lament.

“Bastie Samir won the fight but I will go and correct my mistakes and come back for a rematch on the 6th of March 2018 because this is not a legitimate loss”.

All my fans and family are unhappy because this loss is not legitimate, he told his host on Monday.

Bukomx Bastie

Bukom Banku as he is popularly known was referring to the much-anticipated bout that came off on Saturday, October 21 at the Bukom Boxing Arena.

He had promised his fans and well-wishers to knock Bastie Samir out in the 6th round.

“This fight is just a coconut seller fight, he is not a strong fighter, I will knock him out in the 6th round”, he said enthusiastically to the press and before a number of fans.

This statement backfired when the celebrated boxer faced a humiliating career tainting defeat when he was knocked out in the 7th round by his opponent.

Bastie Samir has already stated that he is prepared and ready to grant Kamoko a rematch.


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