BREAKING NEWS : Sudan’s president Bashir steps down – govt sources, The People of Sudan celebrate on streets

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In a related development, Some Sudanese soldiers have raided the offices of a group linked to President Omar al-Bashir’s ruling National Congress Party in Khartoum, witnesses told both AFP and Reuters news agencies.

The soldiers have entered the offices of the Islamic Movement, the main component of Sudan’s ruling party.

Khartoum protesters ‘chant the regime has fallen’

Thousands of Khartoum residents chanted “the regime has fallen” as they flooded the area around army headquarters in the Sudanese capital, reports AFP news agency.

They are still waiting for a statement from the army which was promised more than four hours ago.

“We are waiting for big news,” one protester told AFP from the sit-in.

“We won’t leave from here until we know what it is. But we do know that Bashir has to go,” the protester added, referring to President Omar al-Bashir who has been in power since 1989.

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