BukomBanku Still In Pain

Bukom Banku

\It appears Bukom Banku has not recovered from the pains inflicted on him by Bastie Samir aka ‘The Beast’ in their Cruiserweight fight last Saturday.

The 29-0 recorder was handed his first defeat by Bastie following a 7th round knockout at the ultra-modern Bukom boxing arena.

Although it has been almost a week since that embarrassing whipping, Bukom Banku has disclosed that he still feels pains all over his body.

Speaking to Bola Ray on ‘Star Chart’ on Starr Fm, Bukom Banku said Bastie’s 3rd round heavy blow which sent him to the turf, dazed him and, it influenced the outcome of the fight.

Banku said he was still having pains but denied that he was rushed to the 37 Military Hospital after the fight where he received medical treatment.

He said he lost the fight because he made some mistakes and the fact that he met an equally good fighter

“I made a mistake that’s why Bastie won the fight. People say I didn’t train that’s why I lost but that’s not true. People may be happy I lost but I’m also happy because you can’t always win.

“There are times you may lose. If I’ve won 29 and lost one, that’s not a big problem,” Bukom Banku indicated.

He also used the platform to ‘beg’ Samir Bastie to give him a rematch, which he was confident of winning.

“Please tell my brother to give me a rematch, I beg him,” he told the host of the programme.

Samir Bastie said he was ready for the rematch but was yet to decide with his promoter on that.

“I’m the winner and he cannot force me into fighting. I want to be a good boxer and emulate the great Ghanaian boxers.

“I’ve been wanting to fight Bukom Banku three years ago. I’m taking it like a woman trying to reply to a man’s proposal. I’m taking my time,” according to Bastie.

When quizzed on the possibility of the rematch going to Tamale, both boxers bought into the idea; and a date could soon be decided upon.

BY Gibril Abdul Razak


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