Catch: Hans Ramzan Design of the Year Nominee Product that detects HIV.

HIV affects 2.5 million people a year and kills 90 per cent of people who contract the disease.

Hans Ramzan designed an at-home HIV detection test, nominated for Beazley Design of the Year and INDEX Design to Improve Life Award.

Hans Ramzan, from Solihull, explains: ‘HIV is the biggest killer of people and of those 2.5 million.  Two million die from AIDS. It begged the question; why was HIV not detected before it reached the AIDS stage? It’s treatable beforehand. This is where his Catch can help.’

Catch is a low cost, simple to use test, it works similar to a Pregnancy test. That combats the lack of education, poverty for people in developing countries.

‘It’s designed to do all the thinking for the user. First, you disinfected sleeve over the finger. Next, push down on the pipette, then the pipette draws the blood up after it’s released and then it detects the result almost immediately.’


Catch: The At Home HIV detection test


The 24-year-Old, Product designer expressed the ‘shock’ and honour of being nominated and The INDEX Design to improve life award celebrates designs globally.

Beazley has nominated Catch for The Design of the Year, In the Product category with ten categories for design and 50 nominees.

Hans stressed that he wanted to design something for ‘human survival rather than human comfort’. Explains the research and input from medical professions, countless sketches and load of testing and prototypes.

‘Catch’ is still in its development stages and is looking for investment.

‘The sooner you can get the wheels in motion for a product like this you can eradicate the problem.’ He says.

The Beazley Design Award ceremony takes place in November in London. The INDEX design for Life Award ceremony is in Copenhagen, Sweeden

Catch will be in an exhibition in the London Museum of Design, from September.


Learn more about Hans Ramzan’s Product here

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