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Senegal to offer free breast cancer treatment

Senegal’s government says that women suffering from breast or cervical cancer will be offered free chemotherapy in public hospitals from the beginning of October. “We are relieved because these are the most common types of cancers affecting women here,” Dr Fatma Guenoun, president of the

BAHAMA: Hurricane Dorian – Number of missing drops to 1,300

Emergency services in the Bahamas say the number of missing following Hurricane Dorian stands at 1,300. The number is down from the 2,500 listed missing earlier this week. The National Emergency Management Agency (Nema) said the drop in numbers came after cross-referencing names of the missing with those in shelters. Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamas earlier […]

Kenyan schoolgirl takes her own life after ‘period shaming’

A schoolgirl in Kenya has taken her own life after allegedly being shamed in class for having her period and staining her uniform. The 14-year-old’s mother said her daughter hanged herself after being humiliated by a teacher, Kenyan media reported. Police used tear gas to disperse a crowd of about 200 parents protesting outside the […]

Gadgets can be hacked to produce ‘dangerous’ sounds, says researcher

Many modern gadgets can be hacked to produce deafening and disorienting sounds, research has revealed. Security researcher Matt Wixey found a range of devices had little protection to stop themselves being turned into “offensive” low-grade, cyber-weapons. Mr Wixey tested laptops, mobile phones, headphones, a PA system and several types of speakers. The

Senegalese conjoined twins defy odds in new Cardiff home

Senegalese conjoined twins begin full-time recovery in their new home in Cardiff, Wales. Doctors have been surprised by the progress of Mariame and Ndeye. “This year, as they have been well, they’ve actually managed to have some formal imaging. So they’ve had a CT (computed tomography) scan of their chest and abdomen and, actually, that’s […]

Deadly explosion outside Egypt’s cancer institute

An explosion outside Egypt’s National Cancer Institute in the centre of the capital, Cairo, has killed 19 people and injured 30 others. The interior ministry said a car travelling against the traffic collided on the corniche with other vehicles, causing an explosion. Pictures show the burnt remains of at least one car: There is no […]

New ‘SOS ship’ sent to rescue migrants off Libya

The humanitarian group, SOS Méditerranée, has dispatched its new rescue ship to search for migrants stranded in the Mediterranean Sea. The Norwegian-flagged Ocean Viking set off from the southern French port of Marseilles to focus its activity off the coast of Libya, a major transit point for many migrants. It is replacing the group’s previous […]

Hospitals in England set to receive £850m revealed

Twenty hospitals in England due to receive an extra £850m funding for upgrades to outdated facilities and new equipment have been revealed. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will formally announce the plans – part of NHS spending pledges totalling £1.8bn – at a Lincolnshire hospital on Monday. Projects the £850m will pay for include a new women and […]

Cyber bullying: ‘The bully is in the back pocket and It’s 24/7

  Cyberbullying is at it’s all-time high with Half of all young adults have experienced cyber-bullying in some way 10- 20 per cent say they experience it regularly. Cyberbullying is defined by the use of digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. It can occur through text, SMS, apps and online via social […]

‘Set your ovaries free’: Magufuli tells Tanzania women

Tanzania’s president John Magufuli continues to court controversy, this time urging the country’s women to “set your ovaries free” and bear more children as a way to help boost the economy into a regional powerhouse. “When you have a big population you build the economy. That’s why China’s economy is so huge,” he said late […]
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