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NIGERIA: The superpower with no power

Five things about Nigeria More than 84 million Nigerians are geared up to vote on 16 February, but what do you know about Africa’s most-populous nation and largest economy? 1) Afrobeats – one of its greatest exports Nigerian musicians are touring the world and picking up awards at

First images of NASA’s probe to place beyond known world

NASA has said its New Horizons explorer reached the solar system’s outermost region on Tuesday. The probe flew close to and snapped images of a space rock 20 miles long and billions of miles from Earth. It is on a mission to gather clues about the creation of the solar system. “Now the image that I’m […]

US: Trump on climate change report: ‘I don’t believe it’

US President Donald Trump has cast doubt on a report by his own government warning of devastating effects from climate change. Asked outside the White House about the findings that unchecked global warming would wreak havoc on the US economy, he said: “I don’t believe it.” The report found that climate change will cost the […]
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