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Cyber bullying: ‘The bully is in the back pocket and It’s 24/7

  Cyberbullying is at it’s all-time high with Half of all young adults have experienced cyber-bullying in some way 10- 20 per cent say they experience it regularly. Cyberbullying is defined by the use of digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. It can occur through text, SMS, apps and online via social […]

A discussion on food and faith with Pauline Manilla

Food blogger, Pauline Manilla shared her take on flavour, healthy eating and faith. Wife, mother and writer of silverlinings; gives an insight into her experiments with food, through recipes and the importance of eating and living healthy. Based in London but grew up in Jos in Nigeria, Pauline’s early experience of cooking was from watching her Mum,  preparing Queen

Role Models and Youth Leaders to combat knife Crime

  Teenagers and Young adults are impressionable in today’s society. With Knife and violent crime on an increase; 45,000 recorded knife related incidents in the UK. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, set up the London needs you alive campaign (#LnyA). To bring teachers, youth leaders, Parents and faith communities together; to stop violent crime among the youth.

School students walk out in global climate strike

School students in Australia and New Zealand have gone on strike, marking the start of a worldwide day of climate change protests. Organisers expect more than one million young people will participate in at least 110 countries on Friday. The protesters are calling for politicians and businesses to take action to fight climate change. The […]

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health awareness is crucial in our society. Founded by the Mental Health Foundation. The Foundation raises awareness of the ways people can learn to improve and look after their own emotional, psychological and physical well-being. Mental Health is defined as having: ‘The level of psychological well-being or an absence of mental illness.’ How easily […]

The Power of Identity in Christ with Emmanuel Oganla.

Identity is so powerful; The need to know who you are and what you stand for is universal.  Emmanuel Oganla shares how he discovered the importance of knowing who you are in Christ.  The 23, year old Insurance adviser, poet, public speaker and Author of his book ‘God’s son God’s Glory ’explores identity and living like Christ.  From attending Church […]

UK: Government to fund 2,900 school exchanges for poorer pupils

Secondary schools in England will be able to apply for money to take poorer pupils overseas on school exchanges The £2.5 million government scheme will enable pupils aged 11 and over “to experience other cultures and go to places they wouldn’t normally visit”. Education Secretary Damian Hinds said: “As Britain leaves the EU, it’s more […]
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