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THE ARTWORK – by Michael Dokosi

EPISODE ONE Jemila held the calabash to the mouth of Baba, urging him to take a little more of the porridge. The old man shook his head, wishing for tobacco instead. He told her what he wanted and was met with a sharp response. “Baba, the doctor said you should no longer take tobacco. It […]


Throughout this COVID-19 crisis, most people have referred to the need to FLATTEN THE CURVE. That curve usually refers to the high number of infection cases that will keep rising IF we do not carry out any interventions like mass testing, isolation, and lockdowns. It is these interventions that flatten the curve. BUT… there is […]

Aisha Huang and Matters Arising – Dr. Lawrence writes

Aisha Huang and Matters Arising It looks like the issue with Aisha Huang, the Chinese galamsey Queen, is not going away anytime soon, because the government of Nana Akufo-Addo, doesn’t seem to know how to communicate to Ghanaians why they took the decision of deporting her to China. At a town hall meeting in Washington […]

We’re proud of our Symbol -By Segun Showunmi

By Segun Showunmi The decision to go to court on this issue of a stolen mandate in the February 2019 presidential election was a necessary sacrifice that a leader of the mould of Atiku Abubakar had to make, not only to claim his mandate, but also to free Nigeria and Nigerians from the perilous consequences […]

A Poet’s Space with Simone Ziel

A Poet’s space ‘a place where spoken word artists have a space to express themselves.’  Simone created a new ‘digital platform exploring different poets and spoken word artists and giving them a place to perform.’ Influenced by Button poetry and tiny desk concert in America. A Poet’s Space is a place one studio where artists […]

Finding Your Purpose

Finding or discovering your purpose in life is universal. Everyone wants to feel fulfilled in life. To Know why you’re on Earth and what you’re called to do. Dictonary.com defines the word ‘purpose’ as: ‘the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Or a person’s sense of resolve or determination. The third […]

Having a Relationship with GOD

There are many questions and ideas about life and God. Does God exist? Is he real? Dictionary.com define’s God as: ‘The creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being. ‘a superhuman being or spirit worshipped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.’ Many people’s first knowledge of […]

The Power of Identity in Christ with Emmanuel Oganla.

Identity is so powerful; The need to know who you are and what you stand for is universal.  Emmanuel Oganla shares how he discovered the importance of knowing who you are in Christ.  The 23, year old Insurance adviser, poet, public speaker and Author of his book ‘God’s son God’s Glory ’explores identity and living like Christ.  From attending Church […]


CRISIS IN GHANA’S FINANCIAL SECTOR 2018 was a turbulent year in our financial sector. While Menzgold seized the headlines, a lot happened with implications far beyond our banking and financial sectors. Many banks have collapsed or been subsumed under others. Monies given by the Bank of Ghana to help save struggling banks, like Capital Bank […]
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