‘Concerned Ghanaians’ suffer online attacks

An online petition launched by Concerned Ghanaians mainly in the Diasporas against the Ghana Electoral Commissions (EC’s) decision  to compile a new register suffered a cyber attack on Tuesday, the 2nd of June, 2020 just few hours after it went live and collected over a 1,000 signatures.  

Dubbed “STOP THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION OF GHANA from DISENFRANCHISING CITIZENS in the VOTER ROLL!, the petition which is hosted by the global online petitions portal www.change.org  is to be delivered to the UN security council, the UK parliament, the US congress and many  other major international organisations and individuals including Pope Francis. The group cited amongst other things, concerns raised by the US 2018 Human Rights Reports on Ghana that suggest, among others, that;

_“…the June ouster of the electoral commission chairperson and the president’s subsequent stacking of the Electoral Commission with persons considered to be biased in favor of the ruling party raised questions about whether the body might be used to stifle voter registration among the opposition base..”

Screen shot taken during the period of the suspected attack

The petitioners also accused the Ghana Electoral Commission of dishonesty “The EC has not been honest with the people on various components of the election process, about reasons and need for an entirely new electoral role when it had recently affirmed credibility of the current/existing election register”. The group also raised issues about the security and safety of Ghanaians and warned of civil possible civil unrest in Ghana should the EC be allowed to proceed  …“Security of the Republic is at risk; and if the EC is allowed to proceed in its chosen path, imminent danger amidst civil unrests would likely attend to the electioneering exercise”. The full reasons the petitioners have listed can be found here

As at 3.15am GMT this morning , the petition was back online and can be found at here

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