Cyber bullying: ‘The bully is in the back pocket and It’s 24/7


Cyberbullying is at it’s all-time high with Half of all young adults have experienced cyber-bullying in some way 10- 20 per cent say they experience it regularly.

Cyberbullying is defined by the use of digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. It can occur through text, SMS, apps and online via social media and gaming forums.

It includes creating, posting or sharing, harmful or threatening pictures or messages online.

Liz Stanton, a family protection adviser for ‘Get safe online’ said: When you look at bullying, people think of it as something that happens there and then in the playground.

“But when you look at online or cyber-bullying it’s the hidden bullying that’s going on. It’s 24/7 every day. The bully is in the back pocket – where they’re carrying the phone.”

The service refers to the issue of the internet being 24/7 an online harassment is

following suit. Cyber Bullying can lead to Anxiety, Depression and possibly Suicide.

There are ways to prevent and raise awareness of Cyberbullying. Parents and Teens should have conversations about Cyberbullying explaining the consequences.  If Cyberbullying occurs messages and pictures should be kept as proof in reporting the incidents. Blocking people sending the messages and or changing numbers may be necessary.


Cyber Bullying is ’24/7′

Damian Hind s, the education secretary says ‘”All bullying is shameful but cyber-bullying is particularly cowardly and pernicious,”

But he said lessons about relationships, which will become part of the curriculum next year, will teach young people about the “importance of safe and acceptable behaviour online”.


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