DR CONGO: Elections boss says 53% of results ready

Over half of results from the DRC’s presidential results held on December 30, 2018; are available, elections chief Corneille Nangaa said on Sunday.

The latest update on the results was disclosed after the elections outfit, CENI, held a meeting over the compilation of votes.

He said the tally percentage of January 3 which stood at 20% had more than doubled to 53% but did not give a specific date on which results could be released.

Elections boss, Corneille Nangaa has officially stated that preliminary results from the December 30 elections will be delayed, the AP news agency reported today, January 6, 2019.

Today had been scheduled for the release of initial results but CENI had earlier last week warned that the process could delay because of the slow transmission of tally sheets.

The Catholic Church said almost 24-hours later that its independent tabulation showed that there was an outright winner of the polls. That position earned it flak from the ruling FCC coalition.

Internet services have been shutdown in a move justified by government as necessary to maintain peace and security as it will curtail the incidence of spreading fake results.

Tensions are likely to move a notch higher as Congolese await the release of results. Barely a day after the vote the ruling coalition and two main opposition camps claimed victory without giving any figures.

The Church, western governments, the European and African Union have all asked CENI to ensure results announced are in tune with the wishes of the people.

The United States has meanwhile deployed soldiers to Gabon, its president told lawmakers on Friday.

The 80-man contingent will fly into the DRC to protect US citizens and its installations in the country in the event of any violence after results are announced. Below is Trump’s letter communicating the measure.


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