The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH) has registered with disgust, the show of brazing impunity and the reckless use of the taxpayer’s money by Government appointees. Our researches show that the NIA Boss has blown 36,000 GHc on private car maintenance.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Identification authority prof Kenneth Attafuah allegedly spent 36,000 GHc to repair a private Mercedes Benz he is using for his official duties. According to What`sup news, the vehicle was taken to Silver Star Autos; main distributors of Mercedes. After spending 36,000 GHC on repairs, a new V8 Land cruiser with registered number (GB 8918 18) was bought for Prof Attafuah. In addition to the two cars, his Nissan Patrol has been allocated to his household use. The three vehicles are all therefore drawing fuel on the budget of the State.

Similarly ten people from the Ghana Maritime Authority, spent 10,652 GHc on food during a meeting at the Head Office. The food was supplied by a hotel called Luxe Suites owned by the Director General of Ghana Maritime Authority, Mr Kwame Owusu. The Director General is also alleged to have organized an end of year party at the cost of 125,000.00 GHc, where his personal hotel was contracted to supply food and drinks ; a clear case of procurement breaches and conflict of interest. Within two years in office, he has built a new hotel in his hometown, built a new private residence at Aburi, and a cluster of shops at East Legon. The renovation of his two bedroom official residence cost the tax payer 780,957.20. Yet the President wants us to believe he has come to protect public purse.
Allegations of corruption is ringing every where amid, increases in fuel prices and rampant increases in taxes. The Star Times a Chinese Company which lost its court cases against Ghana Government in International courts in 2015, is now a Darling boy of the President, and has been given back a contract being executed by a Ghanaian Company. The Digital Addressing System, leading to the loss of 2,5 million $ has now drifted into absurdity.
The new bloated Ameri deal which went through cabinet, leading to the loss of billions of GHc was blocked by minority in Parliament. Only last week, a controversial payment of 89 million $ was made to Kelni GvG for no work done, in the face complains by Ghanaians.

We import 200 million $ worth of sugar into Ghana yearly; yet the Kommenda Sugar Factory built with tax payers money is rusting away. We import 1.2 billion rice into Ghana yet a whole Aveyime Rice Project is idle. The Ayensu Starch Factory, the Poalugu Tomato Factory and the Kumasi Jute Factory are a few of the many Factories lying idle. Instead of rejuvenating these already completed factories, the President keeps singing disconnected melodies on one District one Factory, to deceive Ghanaians.
People are talking about incompetent, substandard and corrupt Government. Ghanaians are crying for help. Prices of goods are high. The cedi continues to fall unabated. New taxes are being slapped on Companies on daily basis. “Quo Vadis” Where are we going ?
CDG-GH views happenings at state institutions as dubious and Caucus is calling on public investigation institutions to investigate, prosecute people involved in the chop chop saga if the allegations are true.

Dr. E. K Hayford
Chief Convener

Direct Line: +233 50 164 6136

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