Yesterday we thronged to the Police Headquarters to support Comarade Bernard Mornah, the National Chairman of the PNC who had been invited for far less a comment than we have heard on airwaves recently on the New Voters Register.

We arrived at the Police Headquarters only to be met with three FPU Vehicles, Policemen who are armed to the tooth and snipers sitting on FBU vans pointing guns at us.

And all these was for a Civilian who had been invited, came unarmed with a few supporters also unarmed.
And guess what, I was nearly assaulted by a Police Officer yesterday just for showing up at to support a Comarade who had been invited.

The Police aggression and intimidation that met us was an eyesore, and it certainly looks like the Ghana Police is not drawing any lessons from what is happening currently in America.

As we speak, the lives of all Policemen and Women in America are in serious danger because of the unprofessional conduct of a few white Policemen.

Its been days and the Police has not been able to control, the rioting that has broken loose since the “black lives matter” campaigns and this is happening no where than a civilised Country like America.

If this can happen in the USA, does the Police know what can happen in Ghana if tempers break loose?

Now more than ever morden Policing has been called into critical question because of recent events, I do not want to believe that the Ghana Police want a deteriorated State before they begin to draw relevant lessons from what is happening elsewhere (atleast to attract Public Confidence in them to make their jobs easier.)
Because if the little trust left between the Police and the People now breaks off at this critical moment, we would have a real calamity on our hands.

All I am saying is, now is the worst of times for the Ghana Police to use intimidation and fear mongering tactics to suppress the freedoms of the people and what happened at the CID Headquarters yesterday was very condemnable.

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director,ASEPA

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