Hosting Rugby Africa Bronze Cup In Ghana Came Unexpected – Herbert Mensah

Herbert Mensah

President of Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU),  Mr Herbert Mensah has expressed delight in the selection of Ghana to host the Rugby Africa Bronze Cup in 2018.

Mr Herbert Mensah , who doubles as Board Chairman of Ghana Rugby said “We did not necessarily expect such a rapid response, we are a new kid on the block, and I just want to say congratulation to all those involved in rugby in Ghana.”

Ghana was announced as the host nation last week when the World Rugby Africa association, Rugby Africa, unveiled its 2018 Competition Schedule.

This comes on the back of other achievements by Ghana Rugby over the past three years including  the approval of the Union as Full Member of World Rugby under the leadership of Mr. Mensah.

According to him, hosting of international tournaments by Ghana Rugby goes beyond just rugby.

It provides an ideal platform to fly Ghana’s flag high to the global community, he stated.

Feeling proud of the feat chalked by the Union, he was full of praise for the playing team and the association as a whole.

“We were full members of the family, of the world ruby in 2017, and we have done it by winning it over the field, and now winning on the field, we haven’t gone to Europe, to go and pick up all the best players who are of Ghanaian origin.”

Mr. Herbert Mensah took the opportunity to appreciate Abdelaziz Bougja , the President of African Rugby and all individuals who have contributed to Ghana’s success story.

“…it is the hope that gives you the encouragement to pursue what others will not pursue, and understanding that there is only one way, the global way to do it, to excel, to achieve and to be different, and that’s what we do here in Ghana,” he remarked.

“I say hats off to everybody, who loves rugby, hats off to those of the world who are watching and see what we can do in Africa with limited resources, and I say hats off  to all of those in West Africa who understand that anybody can do what we have achieved if they put their minds to it, thank you.”

The Rugby Africa Bronze Cup will then take place from the 9th to the 12th of May in Accra, Ghana. Reformulated for the occasion in a four-team competition, this tournament is the gateway to Rugby Africa’s men’s rugby competition.

Lesotho and Ghana make their first appearance at this level following Lesotho’s victory in the Regional Challenge 2017 and Ghana’s acquisition of full membership status of World Rugby.


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