KENYA: Chinese man to be deported over ‘racism’- (Video)

The Kenyan authorities have detained a Chinese national after he was caught on film talking about Kenyans in derogatory terms, Kenya’s immigration department has tweeted.

It added that he will be deported “on racism grounds”

The man, named as Liu Jiaqi, was recorded in the brief video saying that “all Kenyans [are] like a monkey, even [President] Uhuru Kenyatta”.

From the conversation, the video appears to have been filmed by an employee of Mr Liu’s who was about to be fired, though it is not clear why.

The employee challenged Mr Liu saying that “whatever you’re doing is extremely wrong”.

“I don’t care,” he responded.

“I don’t like here, like a monkey people. I don’t like [to] talk with them. Smells bad and poor… and black. Who like them? Why not the bright people like the Americans?,” he added.

“So why are you coming to do business here?” the employee asked.

“For money…money’s important,” he replied.

The man or his legal representative has not yet commented.

China has invested a lot of money in Kenya in recent years, including in the new railway linking Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, to the coast.

President Kenyatta was in Beijing earlier this week to take part in the China-Africa cooperation summit where he said: “Kenya appreciates China’s demonstrated commitment in supporting Kenya’s development goals.”

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