KENYA: Deported Miguna Miguna heads back to Kenya

Deported Kenyan opposition figure Miguna Miguna has demanded that he be allowed back in the country on Tuesday using a passport which had been confiscated by authorities.

He tweeted that he is scheduled to land at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport in the capital Nairobi on Tuesday evening.

Mr Miguna holds a Canadian passport and it is assumed he will board his flight using that.

But he has said that he will insist on using a passport the immigration services stuck holes in and took away when they deported him in February 2018.

He was first deported after taking part in the mock inauguration of opposition leader Raila Odinga.

He tried to re-enter the country in March 2018 using his Kenyan ID card but was held at the airport and later deported.

Authorities said he needed to re-apply and obtain a passport within the dual citizenship guidelines but Mr Miguna went to the high court to fight it.

He won.

The high court ruled in December 2018 that Mr Miguna was a Kenyan citizen and was awarded seven million Kenyan shillings ($70,000; £53,000) for his human rights being violated during the deportation.

Following this, the immigration services gave the passport to the court but he has never received it.

He is now challenging the authorities to allow him to return with this defaced passport and last week made an application to the high court to do so.

He is arguing for his lawyer to be allowed to take the passport to the airport to meet him when he lands.

He is still waiting for his case to be heard.

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