Lukaku Misses Team Bus


Manchester United’s team coach left the St Mary’s Stadium on Saturday evening without match-winner Romelu Lukaku.

United produced a gritty and determined display, typical of a Jose Mourinho side, to ensure Lukaku’s first-half strike was enough to grind out three points.

But the Belgium international found it a lot harder to provide a urine sample for drug-testers than he has to consistently score goals this season and was forced to get a taxi on his own in an effort to catch up with the team bus.

The £75million man, much like the rest of Mourinho’s squad, has started the season in sensational form and has notched six Premier League goals already.

United have been slaughtering teams this season and have scored an astonishing 17 goals from just six league games.

Many felt that perhaps this indicated the Portugal boss had changed his approach over the summer, but leopards never change their spots.

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