Malawi opposition to track bank accounts of electoral staff

A legal representative for Malawi’s opposition parties has said, they intend to examine bank accounts of the country’s electoral staff to track possible bribe.

Mordecai Msiska, the lead legal counsel for the Malawi Congress Party and United Transformation Movement spoke to journalists on Wednesday.

“As for the bank accounts, we need to know whether any MEC (Malawi Electoral Commission) staff had had transactions in their accounts that are unusual, that could not be explained in terms of inflows of funds”, he said.

Malawi’s opposition filed an appeal at the country’s Constitutional Court in Lilongwe on Wednesday, requesting for an annulment of the presidential election. The Court will rule on these applications on Thursday.

Police was deployed to guard the headquarters of the court as they sit on the case.

Violent protests followed disputed presidential results held in the East African nation in May.

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