MALI: Lorries stranded in Mali amid poor roads protest

Hundreds of lorries and other vehicles have been blocked from entering the capital of Mali, Bamako, on the fourth day of a protest over the poor state of the country’s roads.

A woman told AFP news agency that she had no choice but to walk 15km (about nine miles) with three suitcases hoping to make it to Bamako on time to catch her flight to France.

This was the same case with a truck driver from neighbouring Senegal, who feared his truckload of fruit would soon perish.

The protests started on August 23 in the western city of Kayes and have spread across Mali, with demands for improvements of dilapidated roads and railways.

Prime Minister Boubou Cisse met representatives of the group on Monday but failed to convince them to lift the blockade, AFP reports.

This aerial shot shows how barricades have been erected on some roads

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