‘Olympics Will Fight To The End’

It has emerged from the corridors of Great Olympics that the Club’s top hierarchy are bent on clawing points due them from the GFA board room.

The club’s officials have cited the Olympics-Elmina Sharks as well as the Olympics-Bechem United games which both fielded  unqualified players as instances that will hand them legitimate points due them to avoid relegation

In the case of the Olympics-Sharks game played on October 6, at the Ndoum Stadium, the former lodged a protest against the Dr Paa Kwesi men for fielding Samuel Arthur and Farouk Mohammad in contravention of article 29(1) (e) of the general regulations of the GFA.

To Olympics, Arthur received cautions on match days 12, 15 and 22, rendering him illegible for the said game.

Again, Olympics petitioned the Disciplinary Committee of the GFA on October 25, to deduct points from Bechem United for its refusal to have the match telecast live at the Fosu Gyeabour Park in accordance of article 63.

Awarding Olympics its deserved points will restore their Premiership status.

Meanwhile, indications are that the Wonder Club are plotting an injunction on the league should their plea fall through and even take their case all the way to FIFA CAS.

When asked why Olympics want to win their league points in protests and not on the field, the collective response from Olympics management was that this is not true as only 2 league points separated Olympics from relegation this season from the 6 football clubs above them in the league table…hence this argument don’t hold

The wonder club senior exec added that, ‘what we find unacceptable is the GFA decision to defer taking action on Bechem FC for flagrant abuse of article 63 and giving them reprieve stay in the league when the balance of convenience should be that to Olympics rather…this is the more reason why GFA should make example of Bechem FC and implement the law by deducting points from them

The top executive concluded, ‘Why should GFA favor the culprit who stole our club’s rights to stay in the league in broad daylight? Why?’ Olympics will fight to the end.’

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