Senegalese conjoined twins defy odds in new Cardiff home

Senegalese conjoined twins begin full-time recovery in their new home in Cardiff, Wales.

Doctors have been surprised by the progress of Mariame and Ndeye.

“This year, as they have been well, they’ve actually managed to have some formal imaging. So they’ve had a CT (computed tomography) scan of their chest and abdomen and, actually, that’s shown that both the girls’ hearts and circulations, particularly, are completely entwined with each other, and, as well as Mariame being dependent on Ndeye, Ndeye is actually dependent on Mariame for being alive. So long-term, this actually sadly means that they can’t be separated, on a very practical level. But it is in some ways nice that they are both as dependent on each other”, Paediatrician, Dr. Gillian Body said.

Father of the twins, Ibrahima Ndiaye originally brought his daughters to the UK hoping they get a better life. He’s pleased the girls are doing well.

“I know what I want for them – to happen – and I will do whatever possible for it to happen. I’ve got the best team of people that can help it happen, but all of this is subject – is related – to their situation. Whatever we try to put in place, we just have to keep in consideration that the situation is still here. Nothing has changed”, the twins father, Ibrahima Ndiaye said.

Marieme and Ndeye currently attend a nursery for a few hours a week. But from September they will start going every weekday.

Meanwhile, their father is setting up a charity known as the ‘‘Conjoined Destiny’‘ to help other children with similar disabilities.

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