SOUTH AFRICA: Land reform proposals face challenges

Land reforms proposed by South Africa’s president and ruling ANC party have come under questioning by the white minority,who happen to own most of the country’s private land since the end of apartheid in 1994.

The idea is to redistribute land from whites to blacks but some white farmers think that emerging black farmers often lack orientation.

Some of the white farmers warn against possible economic hold ups or civil unrest.
They are asking for strict compensation to accompany this expropriation scheme.

“ Well I’m not in favour of expropriation without compensation I don’t think it’s necessary, I think it’s going do more harm than good.” said Nick Serfontein.

The government says it has the situation under control.

“We are mindful of the nation-building project we have. We therefore want the land to be shared among those who work on it. And in doing so, we want South Africans to have property rights, property rights that will restore dignity, heal the wounds of the past and so on.” Cyril Ramaphosa S.A President.

Some critics are still to come to terms with the over all idea of land reforms as they think its more of a need for rapid urban sprawling which is a course for concern in South Africa.

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