South Africa: Zuma back in court

Prez. Jacab Zuma

Ex-South African President Jacob Zuma is at the Pietermaritzburg High Court as it considers whether to go ahead with his trial.

The former head of state is facing charges of corruption, fraud, money-laundering and racketeering related to alleged bribes during the multi-billion dollar arms deal of the mid-1990s.

During last month’s court appearance, the state said it was ready to prosecute and has today proposed 30 November as a date to start the trial.

This appearance is expected to be postponed yet again.

Mr Zuma has appointed a new legal team after he sacked his lawyers a few weeks ago.

Mr Zuma’s defence told the court that they will file for a “permanent stay by 16 November 2018” – in other words the former president wants to apply for the whole case to be dropped.

After a brief sitting, South Africa’s High Court in Pietermartizburg has postponed ex-President Jacob Zuma’s corruption case until November, our reporter has tweeted:


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