Super Soccer Births In Ghana

A new brand of football-supper soccer, under the federation, Ghana Super Soccer Federation (GSSF) has been successfully launched in Ghana.

Federation of International Super Soccer (FISS) founder Eric Asomuga in an interview in Accra on Friday said the ten-a-side game is more interesting than traditional football, but it is not in competition with the existing globular game.

He said “We have a plan of organising a World Cup tournament at a yet-to-be decided venue next year, it is an initiation from Africa to prove to the world that we have come of age.

“It will certainly give opportunities to players as the traditional soccer offers to players, as we grow, we shall provide more opportunities for our players.”

Affiliated to the Federation of International Super Soccer (FISS), regulator of the game and based in Pennsylvania in the USA,   GSSF is set to expand to other parts of the country.

It is a team sport played in 80 minutes(40 min per half), less aggressive than many contact sports governed by rules and regulations.  When one commits an offense in one’s half, it is considered a corner kick, throws are considered as super kicks and are taken as mini penalties.

Back passes are not allowed and are considered as a foul which attracts a supper kick against the team that does that.

President of the Ghana chapter, GSSF Abraham Boakye, nicknamed ‘One Man Supporter’  said after the launch  in Ashaiman recently that “The rules of the game makes it unique; for instance awarding a penalty for kicking the ball over the touchline for throw compels the players to keep the ball on the pitch and ensures flow of  the game.”

Municipal Chief Executive of Ashaiman Albert Boakye Okyere commended initiators of the sport and urged Ghana’s chapter president Abraham Boakye to develop, promote and extend it to other parts of the country.

A special coaching clinic, where coaches and players were taken through rules of the new sport crowned the launch.

By Kofi Owusu Aduonum



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