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Obama urges Americans to reject leaders who stoke hatred

Former US President Barack Obama has called on Americans to reject language from any of their leaders that feeds hatred or normalises racism. Mr Obama did not name anyone but his rare comments came after President Donald Trump sought to deflect criticism that his anti-immigrant rhetoric had

GERMANY: Angela Merkel ‘to abandon key CDU party role’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has told her CDU party that she will not run for re-election as its chairwoman in December, sources say. Her decision comes after her party suffered heavy losses in regional elections that threatened the stability of the governing coalition. Mrs Merkel has been chair of the CDU since 2000, becoming one […]

DR CONGO : Ex-warlord ‘can’t run for president’

Former warlord Jean-Pierre Bemba cannot run to be the next president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the country’s electoral commission said. Mr Bemba was one of six would-be candidates deemed ineligible following hours of deliberation. The ex-rebel leader had a war crimes conviction overturned in June. However, the commission said Mr Bemba was excluded […]

Nigerian police order detention cells audit

The Nigerian police has granted permission for the National Human Rights Commission to carry out an independent audit of detention cells across the country. Nigeria’s inspector general of police says the inspections will enable the commission to oversee the human rights situation of detainees, and assess the state of police cells in the West African […]

Immigration rules to be relaxed for non-EU doctors and nurses

The government is to relax immigration rules to allow more non-EU skilled workers into the UK. On Friday, the Home Office is expected to confirm that foreign doctors and nurses will be excluded from the government’s visa cap. The cap – introduced by Theresa May when she was home secretary – sets a limit for […]

DR Congo Ebola outbreak ‘not global emergency’

An Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is not yet an international public health emergency, the World Health Organization has said. It said there was a “strong reason to believe that the outbreak can be brought under control”. At least 45 people are believed to have been infected in the current outbreak and […]
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