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Iran: ‘Psychological warfare’ as US sanctions kick in

Rouhani: Iran cannot talk to US while under sanctions EU urges European companies to bolster trade despite American sanctions taking effect on Tuesday. US sanctions against Iran took effect on Tuesday, a move certain to worsen the lives ordinary Iranians, as President Hassan Rouhani described

Kim Jong Un outmanoeuvres Donald Trump in Singapore

The North Korean leader has proved himself the cannier deal maker The surreal meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore on Tuesday was perhaps best summed up by the performance of former basketball star Dennis Rodman. Wearing his “Make America Great Again” red baseball cap, dark sunglasses and a shirt emblazoned with […]

DR Congo Ebola outbreak ‘not global emergency’

An Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is not yet an international public health emergency, the World Health Organization has said. It said there was a “strong reason to believe that the outbreak can be brought under control”. At least 45 people are believed to have been infected in the current outbreak and […]

Home Office suspends immigration checks on UK bank accounts

The Home Office is to suspend controversial immigration checks on thousands of bank accounts in the wake of the Windrush scandal. The department is in the process of contacting banks and building societies to instruct them to reduce the scope of the checks, which were introduced as part of Theresa May’s plans to create a […]
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