The Power of Identity in Christ with Emmanuel Oganla.

Identity is so powerful; The need to know who you are and what you stand for is universal. 

Emmanuel Oganla shares how he discovered the importance of knowing who you are in Christ. 

The 23, year old Insurance adviser, poet, public speaker and Author of his book ‘God’s son God’s Glory ’explores identity and living like Christ. 

Emmanuel Oganla , Author of God’s Son, God’s Glory

From attending Church with his parents but feeling forced into Christianity. To yearning for a passion and hunger to know God personally; Emmanuel shares the beginning of his Journey at University:

‘University has been the best years of my life, that’s when I got closer to God an gave my life to Jesus.’ He said. ‘I met some friends who were young like myself and in love with God and it attracted me, I want what they have’.

Emmanuel started attending Bible studies which lead to his involvement in Abide society.  It’s ‘a safe space where young Christians at University to come together, to worship God, learn about the Bible and encourage each other.’ Abide Society is based in Manchester and Coventry but the blog is accessible for everyone.

Emmanuel has since used his relationship with God to explore writing and poetry in his novel ‘God’s Son God’s Glory.’ The theme of being hidden in Christ, not people pleasing and demonstrating God’s Glory.

‘Knowing who you are in God, connects with living for God’s Glory… (we are) sons and Daughters and living in freedom from the approval of people and knowing you are accepted and approved by him.’

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