‘He Thinks He Is Like Ronaldo’


Ronaldo and Ribery (R)

Too many Bayern Munich players see themselves as world class despite the club’s recent failures says Markus Babbel, who singled out Franck Ribery for criticism.

Former Bayern defender Babbel is unimpressed with the club after they sacked manager Carlo Ancelotti after just over a year in charge.

Babbel, who also played for Liverpool, said many of the Bayern players are trading on past glories, naming Ribery as the worst offender.

Speaking on Sky in Germany, Babbel said:  ‘Franck Ribery has not scored a goal in the Champions League in the last two years.

‘He still sees himself on the same level as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi but the truth is different. The truth is when it matters, he is not there.

‘It is a bit annoying for me that the whole thing is now shifted to Carlo Ancelotti. Ribery has great merits for the club and has been a fantastic player, but this position he once held is one he cannot now fulfill in my eyes.’

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