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I am Anthony Williams, preferred to be called simply Tony. I am a married father of 2 lovely children, a boy and a girl. The early part of life and education started for me in the UK and the other half of life, education, and life’s lessons began gaining its roots in me whilst growing up in Nigeria, where I attend both secondary and university.. It was during these times of my adolescence that my environment, the choices I made, and my circle of friends began to seduce me from my what should normally be the right path in life. Thankfully, I was able to break and turn this vicious circle around before it got to late, by the power of being positively Intentional about exactly what I wanted out of life, and following in that direction. Today I am a life style coach, content creator, graphics/web designer and online entrepreneur.


I am extremely passionate about individuals both male and female experiencing and fulfilling their desired plans and purpose in life, more so, for specific individuals who at one point or the other found themselves lost for direction in this journey of life and its purpose, I strongly believe that with the right mindset, each individual is capable of achieving almost anything they desire in life. “As a man thinketh in his heart, So is he”.

My material will always challenge the average mindsets status quo, it’s transformational, inspiring, and intentional for getting people from a good place to a greater place, as we learn to overcome mental and physical limitations preventing us as individuals from fulfilling our desired outcomes and goals.