UGANDA: Open letter to President Museveni – Muzukulu

Open letter to President Museveni

Your Excellency, Gen Museveni, kindly receive warm greetings from your muzukulu in the names of Muhimbise George.

I wish to thank you for your efforts in the fight against Covid 19 & the evening lectures you have been giving us. I also thank you for donating part of your Salary to this fight. I thank you for your visionary leadership, though unfortunately i can’t define your vision.

I have written to you to express the pain ordinary Ugandans are facing i being one of them. My letter is not meant to offend you & incase it does i beg for your forgiveness. I know the parent & good leader in you would tolerate me if i angered you.

Last week you accused MPs for awarding themselves 10bn of which each shared 20m yet Ugandans are suffering these hard times. We celebrated upon hearing this as you showed parental love to your bazukulu.

Your Excellency it has come to our knowledge as bazukulu that this year alone your government will spend 1.4 trillion (1,400,000,000,000=) classfied expenditure. Ugandans will never know what this money did. Is this what we call lawful extravagance?

Mr President we are aware that during Covid 19 crisis government borrowed 600m euroes which is equivalent to close to 2.5 trillion. Of this 300bn went to state house & 1 trillion to defence of which 200bn was classfied expenditure. What is all this money going to do? What activities are being done at your residence when the whole country has been under a lockdown? What is one trillion going to do in defense when we are not at war with anybody?

Mr President are you aware that many of your voters have already consumed their capital including taking debts? Have your advisors told you that even when schools re-open many parents will not raise fees or tution? Is there any plan to help such parents?

Do you feel proud when the country takes such a huge loan with high interest rates to take care of its President? Is it worthy for us to take a loan & only put it on luxeries in state house when Ugandans are sleeping on empty stomachs?

Mr President, the state house budget is going to clock 600bn this year. This means that your residence consumes an average of 1,600,000,000 per day, do you then have moral authority to blame MPs for taking mere 20m selfishly when you appear to be more selfish?

Mr President a while ago, Compassion built six classrooms at a school in Rushaka in Kanungu & they spent about 150 million shillings on two blocks of three classrooms each. This is a complete school, so Mr President are you being patriotic & caring to the bazukulu when state house (your residence) consumes 10 schools per day? Are you excited that your residence will consume 3650 schools this year on top of other classfied expenditures whose purpose we will not know?

Mr President according to the NRM policy, you brought decentralization to bring services to us where every parish is supposed to have HC2 & a subcounty to have a HC3 & onwards. By 2018 we had only 1020 HC3s out of 2029 subcounties, of 10029 parishes we had 1175 government HC11s & of the 296 counties we had only 173 government HC4s which is far below the policy.

A while ago, government with funding from World Bank constructed Namutumba HC3 at a cost of 500m with a maternity, children’s, females & male wards each having a 50 bed capacity. So by this Mr President do you realise that your residence consumes three beautiful heath centre 3s per day? Don’t you think if you made a few adjustments on your love for bazukulu we would be having first class medical care than any country in Africa?

Mr President as i earlier said, thanks for donating 50% of your salary to us, an equivalent to 1.4 million ugx. Today i tried to check into this years budget & i found out that tax payers had allocated you 32bn for inland travels & 18bn for abroad travels. Since there has been limited movements, am sure that your movements have as well reduced. Since this Financial year ends in June & we expect no more anti- Poverty tours around the country, so Mr President had you already consumed the 50 billon since there were no movements?
Are you going to return the balance to the government coffers when the financial year ends? Don’t you think if you donated part of it like 20bn to the starving bazukulu, they would even vote you back in 2021? Isn’t surely 1.4million as a give back to people that have voted you for 33 years an insult?

Mr President i heard you ask Ugandans to contribute money to buy vehicles for Minisitry of Health. When i check on our health budget, 90% is funded externally. Is it because as a country we can’t take care of our health? Is our health in safe hands of foreigners than ourselves? So is it wise that after failing to fund our budget government can’t even afford to buy ambulances or vehicles for Heath minisitry that you must first beg? How do the starving bazukulu feel when they see the likes of Bebe cool & Kusasira cruising in brand new vehicles purpotedly donated by you? Then how can you the Chief donor ask us to donate to government?

Lastly Mr President in all your speeches you have talked about agriculture. When i checked on the our budget Agriculture had about 300bn ten percent of defense budget, ofcourse here i have excluded Operation Wealth Creation which will be a subject of another letter. Unless am guided, i didn’t see any allocation for Agriculture on the supplementary budget on the loan we took. So how will agriculture be boosted when no extra funding has been allocated or even any plan is made? Will this happen by miracle? Don’t you think Mr President we can do better than this?

Hoping to hear from you. In case i am a sturbon muzukulu, i kindly beg to be forgiven. May God bless you.

I remain Muhimbise George, 0787-836-515

Your beloved Muzukulu

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