Uganda’s ‘People Power’ and ‘People’s Govt’ eye Museveni ouster

Two main opposition groups in Uganda believe the mission to oust long-serving president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is possible via the ballot box.

Elections in the East African nation are scheduled for 2021 with Museveni who leads the ruling National Resistance Movement, NRM, likely to contest.

The “People Power” movement led by musician and lawmaker Robert Kyagulanyi on Wednesday officially confirmed his candidacy as it put formal structures in place for the political season.

Popularly known by his stage name, Bobi Wine, is set to challenge Museveni who will be running for a sixth term in office come 2021. Bobi Wine, who calls himself the “ghetto president” has suffered several arrests since 2018, following his fierce criticism of Museveni.

Bobi Wine portrays himself as a champion of the poor, and sings about social justice and democracy.

In a letter congratulating People Power, leading opposition figure, Kizza Besigye, leader of the People’s Government said the efforts by People Power and other like-minded groups will see Uganda achieve a common objective of “transition to a democratic Uganda.”

“It is our sincere hope that this milestone towards forming a structured team will enhance and quicken our efforts, as forces for change, to form a common and formidable front to liberate our country of the more than 33 years of the NRM/Museveni junta,” the statement signed by Besigye read.


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