UK: Black History month celebrated in the Houses of Parliament

The annual Black History Month celebrations took place on Friday 26th October 2018  at the Houses of Parliament.

Hosted by international award winner and Author Tony Tokunbo Fernandez; the event was sponsored by MP Alok Sharma and MP Helen Grant.

The celebrations included talks by Black professionals and activists discussing black History, issues facing Black people presently and what needs to be done to better the future.

Tony Tokunbo Fernandez

Nigerian Barrister and former Attorney General Ekpo opened the event acknowledging “We have yet to deliberately make a mark and this effects how we are seen. We must reach out and affect our culture and change will come from what we decide to do as individuals from this moment. “

Black Studies professor at Birmingham City University, Kehinde Andrews states “We study black history to understand the moment we are in and to say how can we build and move together and see where we can go from here”

Dr Tokie Brown, motivational speaker and founder of Women’s Fund Home, raised important questions ‘what we are we doing as people to change our race? How are we coming together to effect change beyond history?”

Jurisconsult Ester Stanford discussed the ‘silences on reparations the misrepresentation and the political taboo of them.

Also at the event were the following: Mr Jermaine Sanwoolu award winning PR consultant, Zac Darkes Founder of ZIM LINK -law link Uprise Albanism Mr David Smith – Chairman of The British African Business Alliance

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