‘We Are Anti-Muslim’ – NDC Man Booms

The immdiate past National Treasurer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alhaji Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, insists the NDC is an anti-Muslim political party.

According to him, a careful look at those who emerged as winners during the NDC’s recent national executives elections clearly buttresses his claim that the party has an agenda against Muslims.

His wild revelation would definitely cause shock waves within the NDC considering the fact that the NDC has since the inception of the Fourth Republic in 1992 enjoyed strong support from Muslims.

Affectionately called Alhaji PMC, the NDC leader has disclosed that he was sidelined during his tenure as NDC national chairman because of his religious background.

“All my suggestions as national treasurer to help advance the cause of the NDC prior to the 2016 national elections were rejected because I am a Muslim,” he said on Otec FM in Kumasi.

Alhaji PMC added that his campaign message was excellent and so he won the NDC national treasurer position with a landslide but he was frustrated and prevented from delivering for his beloved NDC.

“What I went through as the national treasurer of the NDC was very bad and if I decided to share them with you it will shock you. I suffered those bad moments because I am Muslim.

Anybody who will say the NDC is a party for Muslims is peddling falsehood because that is not the case. I am a clear example that, indeed, the NDC as a political party abhors Muslims. It may interest you to know that all my positive suggestions to develop the party were rejected, but the party later on adopted the same suggestions when other executives suggested them,” he stated.

Alhaji PMC continued that the NDC’s strong hatred for Muslims was again manifested during the party’s recent national executive election, where Muslims were again sidelined.

“The Muslims were prevented from occupying key positions in the national executive elections. Anita Desoso recently said Voltarians have been rejected and I want to state that Muslims too have been rejected,” he indicated.

Alhaji Ahmed Abdullah said in the public domain, an erroneous impression has been created to make people think that the NDC is for Muslims but in reality the party’s leadership strongly abhors Muslims.

According to him, the rejection of Muslims and Voltarians from occupying key national executive positions in the present NDC executives can hurt the fortunes of the party if the issue is not addressed.

“They can still make amends by appointing Muslims and Voltarians to occupy the remaining party positions at the national level in order to help bring balance in the national executives,” he highlighted.

Source: Peace FM, Ghana

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