Zimbabwe : Gun shots fired in post election violence

Zimbabwe election: MDC Alliance and troops in Harare clashes

Clashes have broken out between opposition supporters and security forces in Zimbabwe’s capital amid protests over the delay in declaring the presidential election vote.

MDC Alliance supporters burned election posters of Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Water cannon and tear gas were deployed as MDC Alliance supporters began burning barricades in the centre of Harare.

At least one protester has reportedly been shot dead by police.

The MDC Alliance says, “the vote has been rigged, and that its candidate Nelson Chamisa won Monday’s election.”

AU and SADC poll monitors have endorsed the conduct of the elections.

The African Union mission has said,  “The elections took place in a very peaceful environment,” and “Were highly competitive.” It added, “that it could not confirm opposition parties complaints of vote-buying, intimidation by the state and bias by traditional leaders.”

AU & SADC Report

President Emmerson Mnangagwa of the ruling Zanu-PF party has urged patience and calm following the first elections since long-serving ruler Robert Mugabe was ousted from power.

According to reports, Protests by MDC Alliance supporters in the city centre took an ugly turn by the afternoon.

The crowds had been there since the morning but when news came that Zanu-PF had won the majority of seats in parliament and that the presidential results were not ready, the mood turned.

They went on the rampage down Harare’s busy streets towards an old Zanu-PF office with large stones, sticks and anything they could grab along the way.

The crowds chanted: “We want Chamisa.” They believe the election has been stolen, and are demanding the MDC be announced as winner.

The opposition MDC Alliance













Riot police using water cannon and tear gas arrived to a chaotic scene of burning tyres and an unrelenting crowd. Hundreds jeered and pelted the police vans with stones.

This group has lost all faith in the electoral system and says they will not stop until their man is in the top job – except that’s not quite how elections work.

What results have been declared?

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has announced 122 seats for Zanu-PF so far, and 53 for MDC Alliance, ZBC state media reported. There are 210 seats in the National Assembly’s lower house.

More than five million people were registered to vote, and there was a high turnout of 70%.

Source: Starr Radio UK/Wisdom Mumera – Zimbabwe

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