ZIMBABWE: Vaccinate economy not cholera Zimbabweans to Mnangagwa

Zimbabweans on social media reacted to a photo of president Emmerson Mnangagwa being vaccinated against cholera, by asking him to focus his government’s efforts on resolving the prevailing economic crisis.

Mnangagwa posted a picture on his official Twitter account, saying ‘there is no bad time to get your cholera vaccine, even during a cabinet meeting!’

‘‘We have embarked on a vaccination drive to help protect our communities from this disease, and we encourage those in high density areas to get vaccinated,’‘ read part of the tweet.

Fifty people have died and more than 10,000 have been infected in the biggest outbreak of cholera, a water borne disease, since 2008.

Fix the economy

Mnangagwa’s followers on Twitter were however not impressed, replying the president’s tweet with passionate appeals for the government to urgently resolve the economic challenges prevailing in the country.

A new transaction tax imposed by the finance ministry last week has triggered an economic crisis characterised by shortages, price hikes, panic buying and closure of businesses.

The president last week urged the country to bear with the new taxes and economic reforms introduced by the finance minister, saying they were necessary to revive the economy.

On Tuesday, the energy minister, Joram Gumbo announced a ban on jerrycans and fuel containers at service stations, to prevent hoarding of fuel.

Fuel shortages were experienced last week, sparked by panic buying and foreign currency shortages.

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