ZIMBABWE: Women farmers excel

women farmers in zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s empowerment agenda has seen women coming out of their marginal confines to benefit in various sectors and their success stories are being celebrated every day.
One such story is found at Summerhill Farm in Doma, Mhangura that is boasting of a thriving wheat and potato crop on over 150 hectares and a promising livestock project.

The farm is on a 345 hectare space, 220 being arable land.
Currently, over 100 hectares have a wheat crop and 50 hectares an almost maturing potato crop.
It is success earned through the land reform programme, according to farm owner, Norma Mliswa.
“The land reform programme empowered me but it was never easy to set up a successful farming venture, let alone a highly mechanized one. I have entered into strategic partnerships and they are indeed bringing forth positive results,” he said.
Looking forward, Mliswa said she is expecting a high yield of at least 8-10 tonnes per hectare from the wheat crop and intends to upscale cattle farming.
Zimbabwe is making every effort to advance empowerment of women in almost all sectors be it mining, agriculture, industry and science.
Despite farming being a natural task for most women, few of them have braved to venture into the commercial side.

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